Ontario, Canada

Village of Widows

Village of Widows - Excerpts from Lindum Films on Vimeo.

“VILLAGE OF WIDOWS”  recounts the tragedy of the Sahtu Dene people, who were employed by the Canadian Government in transporting uranium during World War II and for many years after.  The ore was sold to the U.S. military and became fuel for the bombs that devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  

Today, deadly radiation poisoning from the nearby mine has made the village of Deline a community without grandfathers.

This award winning one hour documentary chronicles the Sahtu Dene peoples’ struggle to come to terms with the mine’s legacy, and its lasting impact on their traditional homeland on the shores of Canada’s Great Bear Lake.  It concludes with a remarkable display of humanity, when a group from Deline travel to Hiroshima to meet Japanese bomb survivors.

“VILLAGE OF WIDOWS” was first broadcast to wide acclaim on Canada’s Vision TV network in 1999, and remains both relevant and timely.